New EP streaming and on sale at Bandcamp // Thank you

This is more of a thank you than an update, but we really want to stress our utmost thanks to everyone that crammed in to the Workman’s this time a week ago for our launch. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the response on the night and the enthusiasm in the run up to it. As were the barstaff and security, considering bar Paddy’s day, it was the busiest night in the Workman’s club since it opened. What the fuck?! It was an incredible way to launch something that we’ve been incessantly working on and towards during a turbulent year, and I think if we had all the time in the world, we wouldn’t be able to top that as the fruit of our labour. Thank you also to everyone that’s helped us get the word out and had nice things to say about it thus far. Even those who don’t have room for it… Really, thanks.

Our EP is now streaming and selling from our Bandcamp and will shortly be distributed on iTunes Mexico, MySpace Music, Amazon MP3, Napster, Spotify, iTunes U.S., iTunes Australia/N.Z., iTunes Canada, Nokia, iTunes UK/EU and iTunes Japan. We’re working on getting some new merch printed when our EP sales can afford us such sundries (hint).

We also owe a multitude of thanks to a few people.

  • John Henry (aka Shit Ears) @ Sun Studios and Ken Waters at Grouse Lodge for tolerating our 19 hour mixing sessions and helping us form something we’re proud of.
  • Ciaran Healy (aka Bosco) for his help in the studio, on the day and for putting the promo video together.
  • Neil Dorgan and Bosco for the lovely schnapps below, and a plethora of others.
  • Gary Tuohy @ ElevenEleven for backing us and spending at least 2 hours a day writing back to my really annoying emails.
  • Stef @ The Workman’s for spending his entire day getting the sound absolutely perfect.
  • Ronan Humphries for incessantly minding us when we travel. And for making a drunk guy clean cake from the van using his white t-shirt.
  • Overhead, The Albatross for being the best dudes and playing an indescribably enjoyable set.

Lads, please, have this basket of stuff and come and stay for the weekend.

The last picture was taken at 8.05pm on the night. It’s us burning the CDs of the EP we received from the mastering labs in LA a half hour before the launch. DOWN TO THE FUCKING WIRE.

~ Mark


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