No gigs for a little while, but buy our stuff anyway

Reeeeeal quick update to say thanks to everyone that’s put us on and came along lately. We had great fun playing with ASIWYFA, Talons, This Will Destroy You, making sweet sweet visual kinship with the LeTissier ladeens then making a weird incestuous statement about it on the blog.

We’re very thankful for being so engaged for the last while, but it’s time for us to knuckle down and get some new material finished and recorded so it looks like the next bout of shows will commence at the end of August, with a tour shortly afterwards. We have a really fun Dublin show in the pipeline with some pretty class bands playing and some mad shit planned for afterwards. Shortly after, we’ll be gallivanting under a massive tree at Electric Picnic’s Body & Soul arena, and bringing shiny things with us. More info on all that soon.

Our new shirts will be up on our BigCartel store later this week for a tenner, and our EP (download only) is now on sale for a price of your choice. Thanks to everyone that’s downloaded or picked up an EP or shirt lately. It’s muchos appreciated.


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