Friend? are a five piece instrumental outfit from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in late 2007, their sound has developed in to rhythmically driven math / post-rock accompanied with electronic samples, and led by expressive, haunting violin lines.

2010 saw the band tour the UK and Ireland, appearing alongside the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar, Monsters Build Mean Robots, Brontide, Shapes, Axis Of, Enemies, Kasper Rosa, Alright the Captain and many more. This mileage has already established the band amongst the hardest working bands and labels on the circuit, and earned them a loyal audience.

Their self titled debut EP was released in April 2011 on the independent ElevenEleven label. 2011 will see the band record several split EPs and UK and Irish tours to coincide with each.

“Let’s not bandy around genres because it’s a rose, a melodic blossom that will smell as sweet under any name. They channel the greats of rock and classical, melding ascerbic with ethereal, building structures that are both fragile and powerful in equal measure. This is the sound of a band with an identity and drive that culminates in the music of their dreams, an outlandish description unless you’ve been in attendance at a live show, where the heady rush of exhilaration and bewilderment leaves you in a wakeful state.” – Harmless Noise

“Friend? are a more developed, technical and structurally-focused beast, incorporating elements of math rock into their sound. Heavy, yet light-footed in melody, the music never outstays its welcome and keeps interesting and refreshing.” – Take The Candy

“Spiralling, melodic, noisy instrumental opuses”Connected Magazine

“A force to be reckoned with”Irish Unsigned

“This extraordinary outfit combines different musical backgrounds (post rock, hardcore and downtempo) into an outstanding instrumental soundtrack”dublinblog.ie

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