No gigs for a little while, but buy our stuff anyway

Reeeeeal quick update to say thanks to everyone that’s put us on and came along lately. We had great fun playing with ASIWYFA, Talons, This Will Destroy You, making sweet sweet visual kinship with the LeTissier ladeens then making a weird incestuous statement about it on the blog. We’re very thankful for being so engaged … Continue reading

News – May ’11

Upcoming Shows - May 11

Well well. Given the gap between the last post and this one, you would expect nothing less than news. And boy do we have some. Let’s get chronological. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll notice we’ve been working with the LeTissier visual duo over the last few weeks to organise an audio/visual collaboration which … Continue reading

New EP streaming and on sale at Bandcamp // Thank you

This is more of a thank you than an update, but we really want to stress our utmost thanks to everyone that crammed in to the Workman’s this time a week ago for our launch. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the response on the night and the enthusiasm in the run up to it. As … Continue reading

First EP track up. More to come.

It’s not mastered yet, but this is Dan2 and the black and purple dream jeans. *The homepage artwork is, in fact a vague attempt at being trendy.

Debut EP Launch – The Workmans Club, Friday April 1st

The new blog design is my official declaration of intent to keep it more up to date. And what better way to get the ball rolling than announce our EP launch, hand in hand with our beloved Overhead, The Albatross who will officially launch ‘Lads With Sticks‘. Friend & Overhead, The Albatross Joint EP Launch … Continue reading


Thursday night was an awful lot of fun, and the reception was more than we could have hoped for. Thank you to everyone that came out and watched our set. And a huge, huge thank you to C!ties and Croupier for blowing the heads off us and organising a superb gig.

Hippy Goo Spear.

So we played together today for the first time since October… With gusto, we unwrapped some new toys and then proceeded to scrape what looked like hummus off of the old ones. Our 3 month hiatus has caused us to draw some conclusions: No more 3 month hiatuses The hiatus semilunaris is a halfmoon-shaped groove in … Continue reading

Silence of the Lads

We were lucky enough to be picked to partake in Hard Working Class Heroes 2010. There are too many good bands playing this and we’re unbelievably excited about it. Take a peek at the line up right here. Friday 8th October The Grand Social (Formerly Pravda) 10.10 – 10.40pm


I had a chat with the nice folk in Heineken music earlier. Reeeaaad alll abooouuut it. ~ Mark

Pick for the Picnic

On Wednesday night, we played heat 4 of the Pick for the Picnic showcase competition in Crawdaddy and were kindly given a place in the final next Thursday, August 19th in Crawdaddy. The review can be found here, here, and here. We’ll be playing alongside Cloud Castle Lake, Goatboy and Sounds of System Breakdown, so … Continue reading